Get to know the "CEO"

My name is Frank Turner. Born and raised in Atlantic City. Father of Royal Turner. I am a 11 year professional basketball player in Europe who turned into a clothing designer and then into an author. I've played in countries like Holland, Poland, Belgium, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Macedonia. With such a long career and love for basketball, I truly believe my purpose in life is to help others become better people, uplift their confidence, boost their energy and help them see the GREATNESS within themselves.

This is what led me into my first project "Lovely Affirmations". Everyday I give my son, Royal, affirmations. ROYAL IS STRONG, ROYAL IS SMART, ROYAL IS BLACK, ROYAL IS HANDSOME. I wanted to give him the confidence that I lacked as a kid. I wanted to place this energy upon other kids and families. 

These cards will help kids daily with their confidence and self-esteem. Our children NEED this and it's critical for their wellbeing. I pray that my passion into building my sons confidence will transfer into the homes of whomever reads this and purchases my first project. 


Thank You